3U to 1U Adapter for Intellijel

I currently do not own any 1U modules but I would like to get the most out of my Intellijel 4U Palette case so I created the 3U to 1U Adapter for Intellijel. This adapter converts regular 3U eurorack modules to Intellijel’s 1U module spec. Mount up to a 4hp module or two 2hp modules. This adapter took me about 30 minutes to 3D print. I used 30% infill but as the model is so thin it will hardly be used so feel free to use whatever infill percentage you want.


  1. Place the eurorack modules in the adapter frame and use M3 screws and M3 square nuts to secure the modules to the adapter.
  2. Plug in the modules power to the case.
  3. Finally attach the adapter to the case using more M3 screws.

STL File