Music in 2022

In 2022 I averaged listening to 53 songs a day for a grand total of 17,672 which is up from my last year total of 16,085. This year I seems to find a nice balance of music while listening to audiobooks and podcasts. Still rarely watching movies and tv shows.

Most Listened to Albums

Most Listened to Artists

Favorite Albums of 2022

10. Can Opener’s Notebook: Fish Whisperer

I don’t know how MLP music is still a thing in 2022 but it is and it’s good.

9. The Gods We Can Touch

An extremely pretty and exceptionally produced art-pop album.

8. Chloë and the Next 20th Century

Father John Misty and a big band are as it turns out a great combination.

7. Bronco

Orville Peck’s second album has grown on my a lot of the year. I liked it when it was first released but have enjoyed it more as time has gone on.

6. Icons

Such a fun UK bass album. Playing this album is like unleashing a burst of energy into your day.

5. Darklife

death’s dynamic shroud are one of the most innovative groups in electronic music who are masters at a wide range of genres and combine them into a new and unique thing that is strictly them.

4. River Fools & Mountain Saints

Ian Noe improved on everything from his first album and created one of the best country albums of the year.

3. Dawn FM

Another solid complete album from the Weeknd. Over the year this one has grown on my to be my favorite of his but maybe that’s just recency bias.

2. I know there’s something left for you

This album is the perfect combination of emo and hyperpop. Although don’t judge it from the opening track.

1. God Save The Animals

Alex G perfected the electric and accoustic fusion sound he was going for in this album.